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Concert hall - Diploma project

The goal of my diploma project was to design a concert hall as an addition to the existing functionalist building of the Czech Radio in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The hall seats about 450 visitors and is aimed at increasing the interest for symphonic music in general. It tries to achieve that by unusual and novel look, playful form and use of modern technologies. Proposal of revitalization of the neighbouring city park is another part of the project, also including design of a small summer stage. Acoustics of the hall as well as basic structural analysis, building services concept and energy demand calculation were solved too. The project is closely connected to the pre-diploma project, which followed an architectural competition and resulted in a simple study of the concert hall. The first link below contains whole project in pdf as it was passed to the teacher. Following images are the majority of renders included in the report. © 2011

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Pavilion of War and Peace - Freeform Design

This project was made as an assignment for a subject which I followed at TU in Eindhoven. It is a proposal of an exhibition pavilion for undetermined location. Goal of the subject was to literally create a freeform design and use principles of generative design. I decided to work with Grasshopper only, the object is therefore fully scripted and no geometry from a Rhino file is needed. The report below describing whole process of designing and scripting is fairly extensive and it's probably the longest text I've ever written in English. Renders were as usually made in Maxwell and tuned in PS. © 2010

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Multifunctional chapel by highway in Prague - Studio project 4

Aim of this studio was to design a church next to a higway in Prague. The building should serve as sacral, educational, office and even dwelling space so it's quite strange to call it church. The plot is situated opposite to the shopping centre Chodov, so there is metro station quite near. I focused even more than ever on the aesthetics of its architecture. Symbol of paisley pattern was used for the floorplan contour. Whole facade was modelled and tuned parametricaly with GDL in Archicad, it's maybe even longer script than in some flash things I were making in the past. Drawings, rendering, postproduction as usually Archicad, Maxwell, Photoshop, Indesign. In Maxwell I've tried to make some sort of tilt-shift shots, though it hasn't come right. The link below opens pdf with final posters (1,8MB). © 2009

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Double dwelling house - My bachelor project

The aim of my bachelor project was to design a double dwelling house in a gentle south-facing slope on the outskirts of Prague called Jinonice, near the natural park Košíře – Motol. The project tries to solve splayed edges aesthetics and border between nature and civilisation. One dwelling unit is supposed to be occupied by a wheelchair bound persons thanks to one-level floorplan. This flat consists of open living room with kitchen and large bedroom with space for housework. Next dwelling unit is partially two-storeyed and is designed for a couple with two children. There is open living space with kitchen and three spatious bedrooms at disposal for such a family. Due to the shape, structure of the house is designed of reinforced concrete.

The official printout consists of 28 A3 pages. Posters for real defence in second link are four pages of landscaped sheet B1. The last link opens preview of the model. As usually I've used Archicad for 3D model, Maxwell and Photoshop for visualisations, Autocad for 2D drawings and Indesign for type and composition. © 2009

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Showroom for ecological cars - Studio project 3

This is a part of final output for subject called studio work 3 which took place in fall 2008. It is a design of showroom for ecological cars, its whole structure is made of wood. Once more is my project quite controversial, you can dispute that there is lack of show-case space and mention many other unusual solutions that can seem inconvenient, hopefully just for the first moment. The design concept rose from organic shapes, providing interior lighting from the north and will to design something little bit extraordinary. The approach was of course not that simple, but these words describe well the basic paths I followed. I used the same method as last time (see below) - ArchiCAD, Maxwell, Photoshop and InDesign. Each poster covers area of 1000x700mm (file shown here is downsized, 1,3MB).

Another stuff concerning this subject - below, there are links to more elaborate drawings than the ones presented on posters, scheme of building services and for completeness' sake also the model considered to be an atomic mushroom, which I made as a free composition on the theme of showroom for selling ecological cars.

Click on the images below to open pdfs or a photograph. © 2008

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Residential building in Prague - Studio project 1

This is actually the complete result of four-months-work in the subject called studio work 1. Not everyone likes the contrast with neighbouring houses, but fortunately even professors appreciated it. If you were interested: it got shape in ArchiCAD 11 (what a bastard!), rendered in Maxwell 1.5, postprocessed in Photoshop and InDesign CS2. Final posters cover two B1s (1000x700mm). There were used two fonts - Arial and Anivers, which is preferably used on menu of these sites - so installing it, you could enjoy better typography even here.

Click on the first image below to open pdf with posters, the second one describes development and ideas brought to the project and the third one will show you some plans of this building made for another subject later on. © 2007

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Multifunctional building for Iran - competition Designing in Teheran

I decided to take part in international architectural contest for the development of designs for two Benetton multistorey buildings in Teheran. It's a multi-functional building comprising of 3 commercial units, 5 floors of office spaces and 5 apartments on the last - 7th floor. There are also 4 underground storeys used mainly as car parking space. I've tried to make it as tolerant as possible. Inspiration could have been taken from arabic culture, atmosphere of Teheran (from photos) and maybe also from czech cubist architecture (Chochol's house in Neklanova street). Questions of sustainability, contemporary approach and Iranian millieu were asked. Much more detailed description is written in the posters you may open clicking on the image below. © 2009

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Interior of a hotel hall - Interior design

It is a design of interior of a hotel entrance hall with a cafe upstairs. Modeled in Archicad, rendered in Maxwell 2.01 for unbelievable 34 hours, which were necessary to get rid of the overwhelming noise caused by many lights and that decorative translucent wall. First pages of the pdf show some basic search for examples and examining of other interiors. There were just a few simple drawings included. © 2009

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Poster for computer graphics

It shows a part of roman sepulchral object Camera sepolcrale de'Liberti e Servi della Famiglia di Augusto, which was situated on the historic road Via Appia near San Sebastiano in Italy. This poster was made for subject called computer graphics 2, where we were taught to use GDL in ArchiCAD. So I've modelled it in ArchiCAD 11, rendered in Artlantis and assembled in InDesign (there was used font Trajan Pro). I was given some drawings from the book Le Antichità Romane from Giambattista Piranesi, who made them at the beginning of the 18th century, they are probably the only preserved mention of that part of the object, the ruins weren't kept until today. You can inspect those Piranesis' drawings for example at some Japanese sites. The original poster covers area of A2. © 2008

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Different aspects of Budweis - Urban Analysis

This was an assignment for very interesting subject I followed at TU Eindhoven. It was concerned with ways of analysing at urban scale and theory of map graphics. Especially the latter one was inspiring and pleasant to learn. The theory was mostly based on books Mark Monmonier: How to Lie with Maps and Alan MacEachren: How Maps Work. The output was in my case a set of 7 maps, depicting my hometown Budweis in different ways, mostly to express opposite phenomenons. I worked in Archicad and Illustrator to produce the maps. There was also an extensive report included, which you can see beneath. It shows all the maps in preview size. © 2010


Urban concept of residential area near Prague - Urban design

I've done this project along with two of my colleagues from university in Prague - Jana Náprstková and Petr Pešata. It is a design of residential development at the east border of Prague, in Dolní Počernice. The design is connected to existing village and tries to preserve the old building pattern, though nothing special has been achieved. We used mainly Archicad, Artlantis and Photoshop to get the graphics, posters were made in Indesign. Note that the filesize is 7MB even when the quality has been considerably decreased. © 2009


Urban analysis of village Slověnice

This is the first part of project for subject called urbanism 2. It concerns countryside urban planning and analysis. I've chosen village Dolní Slověnice where my family has an old house. It is situated in South Bohemia near České Budějovice. I did it using Photoshop and Indesign. Clicking on the image below you open pdf file (2,6 MB). © 2008


Essay about church in my home-village Slověnice

Homework for the subject history of architecture describing an old church in South Bohemia. Includes historical info, description and photos. Consists of 8 A3 pages written in Czech in 2007. The original printout was completed with my pencil drawings. Here I can once more thank to Mr. Jan Doležal - rector of catholic church in Lišov, who supported me with lots of materials. Clicking on the image below you open the pdf file. © 2008


Essay about czech cubist architect Josef Chochol

Another semestral project for the subject history of architecture. It describes the person of architect Josef Chochol, some of his works in Prague and also a bit architecture of the time in Prague on 14 pages in Czech. Some old and today's photos of his buildings are also part of the essay. I think this is the best text-image composition I've ever done, in spite of the fact that it was typed in MS Word. Clicking on the image below you open the pdf file. © 2007


Essay about Santiago Calatrava and his Turning Torso

Documentation of my semestral project from constructive geometry from 2006. Written in Czech. It shows on 23 pages how I tried to parametrise the Turning Torso from Malmö (Sweden) and also some Calatrava's biography. For the presentation in school I prepared even flash animation - what a hard-working days. For the parametrisation I used the Wolfram Mathematica (what a remarkable program) and for the 3D animation (shown in that flash-stuff) the Cinema 4D. Click on the image below to open pdf file. © 2006


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