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Speed test of your typing skills

I allways wanted to know how fast do I type. In the internet there are surely some utilities that measure that stuff. Script of my tester is quite humble, but that's enough to tell you how fast do you type, where did you make mistakes and finally a statistics of whole project. After several attempts to cheat, I implemented also anti-copy-paste script. There are three languages - Czech, English and German. Each is represented by two articles, you can choose them over right mouse-button. I tried to make each article quite complicated and at least in Czech I succeeded. Texts were taken from Psi vyli u vily from Ladislav Kačena (Czech - Dogs Howled by the Villa), Terry Pratchetts' Pyramids (English) and Der Kleine Prinz from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (German - The Little Prince). Thanks AH, the results are processed over php and entered to a database. That enables you to see in the statistics e.g. how fast was the fastest participant or how many mistakes per cent made the worst one. I believe that it won't be problem for you to beat my 200 ch/m. Thank you AH. Click on the image below to run it. © 2005

flash animation


Perception testing and mouse breaking, now with the highscore table. One of the most worked out flash aplications I've ever done and also one of the best playable. Try to get into the top 20 :-) Clicking on the image below you start it. © 2007

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Flash Gallery

This is a first bigger project after long pause. It uses XML and loads external jpg and swf files. There were some bugs primarily, I hope they have gone for ever. Have a look at the xml file to understand a bit how does it work. When you would be interested in this project I can send you its source files or explain profoundly how it works to let you use it on your website. © 2005

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This project took me quite a lot time. It is a 2D car simulator. The most pretentious thing was to provide skidding. You can choose from 24 cars and 5 tracks (Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes SLR, Porsche Carrera GT,... and Center of Paris, My town, Dasti's circuit,...). Some tracks like Paris are wery hard to please concerning power of your computer. Each car has different handling, speed and acceleration. It consists of more swf files. Primarily it was made in Macromedia Flash 5 but later tuned in Flash MX 2004. It's soundless. Use Arrows to control it. Click on the image below to open it. © 2004

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It's the most advanced flash stuff I've ever done. I made it completely in Flash MX 2004. It is only one file and so you can play it directly in your browser (whether you have at least Flash Player 7). It is also quite hard for computer. You can choose your opponent - Ali, Tyson, Hitler, Stalin or give him face from your own file and trim it. The menu is experimental, I hope you'll understand it. Click on the picture to play it. © 2004

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Practically unenjoyable, the only thing I appreciate now are those humorous objects appearing on the snow. Use arrows to change the direction and speed. Try to avoid oncoming stuff. The best part of it were the detailed skier's motions. Click below to run it. © 2004

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Footballigent and Fullballigent

I tried to make at least a bit playable game, but the result isn't amazing. The first version (Footballigent) is a game where you play against computer. Use arrows to change direction of your player. The second version (Fullballigent) is quite experimental, because computer plays with himself. In both versions you can set something with the slider on the bottom. Click below left to play Footballigent, right to run fullballigent. © 2003

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Driving School

It has many variants, but none of them solved the problem of running country. Working wipers, lights, beams, indicators, speedo, revo, shifting, gas pedal, brake, clutch, hand brake... Physically out and controls aren't connected with each other. © 2003

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It rather ought to be called four-stroke engine. My first project in Macromedia Flash ever. Without ActionScript (I actually had no idea what it was) made in Flash 5 in the year 2003. © 2003

flash animation

Other Flash projects

On my computer, there are many unpublished projects. To show at least some of them I've added these small stuffs. When nothing happens immediately, try to click on it - in some cases it begins in this way. All of them are made with ActionScript-animation (as well as the projects above). Now, as some time has passed since last working with Flash, I can admit that Flash gave me just basics in programming, actually none of my Flash works are well usable or progressive.

Circular counter of seconds
My old animated logo
1st Fascination of the Matrix
2nd Fascination of the Matrix
3rd Fascination of the Matrix
4th Fascination of the Matrix
Running ant
Growing dots
Design of rotating menu
Psychedelic tunnel
Spinning magnets
Spinning heads
Spinning arms
Cyclist © 2003-2005

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