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I was born in 1985 in South Bohemia - Czech Republic, after absolving elementary school in Lišov I studied grammar school in České Budějovice (Budweis) and then got on Faculty of Civil Engineering (branch Architecture) at Czech Technical University in Prague, where I've allready reached 5th year. I've spent half a year at TU Eindhoven as exchange student.

I can mention architecture, road biking, voleyball playing, movies, cars and trance as for my today's hobbies.

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My friends

AH's home - notepad.jslab.net
My former schoolmate, total computer freak, knows everything about electronics, programmer, film enthusiast ...

Fallvonder's home - fallvonder.net
Also my former schoolmate, programmer, pub-crawler, gamer, graphic designer, addicted sci-fi reader, good music and movie fan

eworm's homepage - eworm.wz.cz
Schoolmate from university, architect, writer, photographer, he seems to really enjoy this life

Gulash's homepage - lukasmorong.com
Schoolmate from university, greek architect, bodybuilder

Some sites I regularly visit

Subtilitas - subtilitas.tumblr.com/
Great blog about architecture and photography.

FFFFOUND! - ffffound.com
Visual inspiration from all around the world.

"Lastnightsparty" - lastnightsparty.com
Seeing it for the first time may cause a shock. Some Americans are really crazy, but they can party! Sometimes unsuitable for younger than 18.

The Sartorialist - thesartorialist.blogspot.com
Well managed blog about individual fashion trends. Many photographs of people with good taste.

trackosaurus rex - trackosaurusrex.com/pblog
Many interesting news from design-cycling world.

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