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I've finally finished the diploma project few days ago. Its an evolution of a concert hall for Philharmony of Pilsen for about 450 visitors. Four months ago, I handed in my contribution for a student competition - the first phase of the design. Check the pdf (16 MB!) and images below or read some description in my projects. The project is done, yet posters and a model will be made for the final presentation in the end of June.

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Just for some relax, I've tried to get familiar with the animation capabilities of Photoshop. So the face below is mine, it took about one month to grow, ten minutes to shave and an hour to animate :-)



This semester is quite full of work, not just for school. I finally made my mind to post here some results of my latest efforts. The renders below come from subject called Special concrete structures, where we were supposed to design a fictional bridge, in our case located in Prague 6, where it should replace the current one, which becomes insufficient after broadening the railway leading to the airport. It is supposed to be a teamwork and I did the design scheme and renderings so far.

picture picture picture picture

This time I'm not going to show any preliminary outputs of the current studio project, because it's an open student competition. It is about proposal of a concert hall for philharmonic orchestra of Pilsen, meant as an addition to the existing building of Czech radio broadcast in Pilsen. The competition is due in February, unlike the school project based on it, which is supposed to be handed in before January 18th. I might be actually going on with this work even in the next term, to use it as a diploma project.


I finally handed in the last assignment for my Eindhoven study period. The subject is called Freeform Design and though it's only for 3 ECTS, I took it as if it were a studio project. The actual studio project wasn't concerned with designing at building scale that much this time and therefore I searched for some substitution. I devoted to this assignment circa last 6 weeks. The project called 'Pavilion of War and Peace' is completely made in Grasshopper, which was the aim of the subject to become familiar with. Check the pdf in the first of following links to read an extensive description of the design.

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After some considerations, I've slightly reorganized the site, there is no more section Gallery, most of that stuff has been moved to the projects, accompanying respective pdfs. Some adjustments of css also happened (along with fighting with the famous IE).

It's been another long time since last post, I've spent it in Eindhoven, on erasmus exchange programme. It was very good experience, not just what concerns studying. I were doing a studio project with another two students, but it's quite special stuff, which I even can't put into the portfolio, so am showing just few renders and diagrams. It was concerned with biomimetics and sustainability, scope of the whole project was to design a facade, taking advantages from an animal, in our case reptile. But the best part was the approach we were supposed to have, as it doesn't resemble anything I've been doing so far. Thanks to that, I've learned little Rhino and Grasshopper.

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Another very interesting project was Urban Analysis, concerned with ways of analysing at urban scale and theory of map graphics. Especially the latter one was inspiring and pleasant to learn. The theory was mostly based on books Mark Monmonier: How to Lie with Maps and Alan MacEachren: How Maps Work. The output was in my case a set of 7 maps, depicting my hometown Budweis in different ways, mostly to express opposite phenomenons. There was also a report included, which you can see beneath. It shows all the maps in preview size.



I gave off the studio project I mentioned last time yesterday. It's aim was to design a church next to a higway in Prague, It should serve as sacral, educational, office and even dwelling space. Have a look into projects section to view more detailed description. Following thumbnails represent images, except for the first one, that's pdf with posters (I hope it's now obvious which links open just lightbox. Also in section Flash, there are these small indications of different file than an image, hopefully it does not bother the design. I also changed little bit section About and got rid of the alternative snowy style which was useless).

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I wish you a happy New Year! Let 2010 be the most pleasant year so far. I modelled the scene with GDL and rendered it using the same program as usually. It should have been much more surreal, but rendering of tiger fur, cream and cranberries went unfortunately wrong :-) so there is just lead spilled into some diluted wine (bloody watter) in addition to MMX-formed candles.



Another huge gap in posting these news. Here come some of my recent school projects. I decided to show here just the visual parts. Drawings and technical stuff seems to be less proper here by now. I will keep the studio project updated here, the other projects are allready finished, were not of such an importance.

These are some humble renders made for subject called architecture of engineering structures. The first two depict a sound protection shield mentioned allready last time in rendering comparison. Next ones show proposal of footbridge over a highway, there were some conditions given as height of neighbouring slopes and width of the road. I believe it is not worth further mentioning.

picture picture picture picture picture

These renders are hopefully obviously taken more seriously. They show design of interior of a hotel entrance hall with a cafe upstairs. Rendered in Maxwell 2.01 for unbelievable 34 hours, which were necessary to get rid of the overwhelming noise caused by many lights and that decorative translucent wall. I should really consider another using of Maxwell for interior scenes on my computer in the future :-)

picture picture picture

The last series of renders shows my studio project. It is a chapel neigbouring with highway D1 in Prague (on the opposite side of the road is the shopping center Chodov). Besides sacral space, there are also offices, classrooms and a flat inside. Stay connected to explore more of this project.

picture picture picture picture picture


Today I've tried to compare the new Maxwell 2 with its previous 1.7.1 engine. So here is the scene with my Lotus Elite and background walls made using World Forge script for Blender from Stefano Selleri. The wall is part of a schoolwork, it is supposed to be a sound protection shield, it makes use of fractal structures, random noise algorithms and Voronoi/Delaunay diagram. The multiscale almost parabolic pits in the wall should help absorbing noise. Material of such a surface ought to have low elastic modulus (expanded polystyrene) and the load bearing core of the wall should be as heavy as possible (concrete).

I've hoped, the results of rendering race were more convincing. Both scenes have 55 M-polygons and the very same settings, resolution of 600x900px. I've let each engine work separately for 30 minutes at low priority on my Intel C2D 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, Win Vista 32bit machine. Have a look at the images below. The old Maxwell 1.7, shown on the first image, achieved sampling level of 4.03 and the new one (image on the right) reached just SL of 3.98 (no, I haven't made a mistake naming the files). There is obviously difference in light distribution, reflectance and color (color profile might differ), but the old version probably reduces noise better in this case. Maxwells' producer claimed about 2-6x speed increasment, which is in this case not obvious. There might be a difference concerning the low priority mode, as the new version could be more conservative, or maybe I should not trust ads :-). If there is some time, I'll compare the "full throttle" mode.

pro/maxtest1.jpg pro/maxtest2.jpg

Update: I was still too curious to forget it and tried that rendering on full priority. This time with AMD X2 2.1 GHz, 2GB RAM, Win Vista 32 and 30 minutes achieved Maxwell 1.7 sampling level of 7.23 (left image) and Maxwell 2 just 6.16 (right image), images don't differ so much as the SLs do, but the result is another disappointment, the new version brings even more noise than the old one (in this scene), though the light is in some parts better and big improvments can be seen in bump mapping. Next limit says, there is allready 2.01 patch which should repair some bugs, so probably next time... :-)

pro/maxtest11.jpg pro/maxtest22.jpg


During the summer there was no will to post here anything new. A lot of internet-energy was taken by the Facebook. I had hoped to get a job for long summer holidays, but did not succeed, the economic crisis probably affected even the Czech architectural studios.

Here is the rest of my bachelor project. Yesterday I got a bachelor degree for it. The first link below opens posters for the final presentation. The other ones show model of the house made in scale 1:100. Similar posters were used also on the exhibition in Pilsen mentioned last time.

document pro/bapam1.jpg pro/bapam2.jpg pro/bapam3.jpg pro/bapam4.jpg


Today, I've finally handed in the bachelor project. Last days were full of dissatisfaction and sleepless nights. I allways have these feelings towards the end of working on some project, but this time it was worse, I am aware of many mistakes done. Click on the thumbnails below to check some rendered images or have a look at the final printout of my bachelor project. More detailed description is written in projects and the older post below shows how the project developed. Here will be next part of this work in August, posters have to be done for the real defence of my project. Probably, they will be made earlier because of my taking part in Cigistock - festival of young culture in Pilsen, where I am supposed to show a project as a manifest of abilities of young people.

picture picture picture picture picture picture picture


This term should be full of bachelor project, but it is not that easy. I decided to post here first designs I made, but it needs a lot of work and rework, unfortunately I made some stupid mistakes in the scheme. It is a house for two families situated in Prague (Jinonice) on a slight slope facing south. Behind the house there is a natural reservation. One flat ought to be for a handicapped person. First thoughts were aimed on sustainable design, load-bearing structure of wood and stuff... as the project goes on, there occur more and more complications concerning such idea due to the form (sometimes function follows form, unfortunately in this case). I'd really like to hear some opinions about the design, feel free to comment it, but please don't search any common elements with the project below :-)

picture picture picture picture picture picture picture

Yesterday, there should have been announced winners of the architectural competition Designing in Teheran. Though, no results are available yet, I believe I won't violate any rules more by publishing my design now. Check the images below, they show what I've done last month. The international competition concerns multistorey building for Teheran (Iran) for Italian fashion company Benetton. It's a multi-functional building comprising of 3 commercial units, 5 floors of office spaces and 5 apartments on the last - 7th floor. There are also 4 underground storeys used mainly as car parking space. Hope you don't hate the design, I've tried to make it as tolerant as possible. Inspiration could have been taken from arabic culture, atmosphere of Teheran (from photos) and maybe also from czech cubist architecture (Chochol's house in Neklanova street). See the posters in pdf or renders below to take a view of it. More detailed description is written in the posters and also in section projects.

picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture

And the last todays post goes to another competition I took part in - design competition for logo of new study programme on CTU Prague - Intelligent Buildings. Now I really regret sending anything to the competition. I placed 43rd out of 44 participants :-) It is clear that I was wrong with the idea, the result feels like something for chemistry or biology. The only thing I was quite satisfied with was the graphic level. I used a vector based graphic software (Inkscape) after long pause. But what sucks the most in fact was the quality of some competitors who placed better than me :-) hope it does not look like excess of self-confidecy, have a look at the results. Click on the image below to open pdf.



I decided to place here more stuff concerning the last studio project - more elaborate plans and scheme of building services. To keep it thoroughly complete, there are now also drawings for the previous studio project, from the year 2007/08.

I don't like the duplicity of entries about the studio project, but still leave the rendered images in section gallery. In future, gallery should serve for common images and "artworks" and in section projects will be mainly things concerning school and some complex projects, that are not simple images. I envisage the projects section rather as a portfolio than a place for unsorted stuff.


I promised posting here the posters for studio project 3 including rendered images below. The printouts haven't been released officialy at university yet, I hope everything concerning this subject will be finished well. In cathegory projects, there is written another description of this project.


I've finally finished postprocessing of rendered images of showroom I designed for studio project 3. Hopefully posters for this subject will be posted here at the end of this week. Please, feel free to comment it even if you don't like the design.

picture picture picture picture picture picture


Yesterday I finished working on the first part of project for subject called urbanism 2. It concerns countryside urban planning and analysis. I've chosen village Dolní Slověnice where my family has an old house. It is situated in South Bohemia near České Budějovice. I still don't know if it fully matches the requirements, the printout hasn't been passed to the teacher yet :-) Clicking on the image below you open pdf file (2,6 MB).



Today I get home after spending one week in Lombardy thanks to the Athens programme. It was one of the best trips in my life. Just to realize why am I so satisfied, have a look on photo below - it's outlook from our accommodation in Lecco. (The panorama was composed in Microsoft ICE)



I decided to place here the first part of work for the studio project in winter term. It's a free composition on the theme of showroom for selling cars. To have another clues I took decision to design showroom for 'ecological' and electric cars. By guessing what it is, you can thing about a tree or a kind of mushroom. Formerly it intended to be an atomic mushroom, but there was lack of those polystyren cars (cut from plastic trays from Billa) and the body couldn't had been formed completely. Actually it maybe didn't harm the result so much, I like the disputation about the form I ment to give it, so as so it symbolizes something concerning environment :-)



Today I just had mind to change it here a bit, well nothing happened, but you can switch the style now. I decided to keep it just in the menu of your browser and force there no cookies so if you would like to see it little more white in here, you have to switch it all the time you reload these sites - yes, it's not so easy to light up in the darkness :-). Today, I'm allready too lazy to make it more usable.


I've set up my facebook account last week. I actually can't say I'm proud about that, but more and more friends gather there and so I've succumbed to this phenomenon.


I had to rework the semestral project for computer graphics mentioned below, there were GDL details improved and the historical incorrectness suppressed above all. I found several drawings on the Internet describing another parts of that roman object. You can view the final poster which was allready acknowledged by teacher. In the section projects, there is another description of it.


I accepted idea from AH and implemented Lightbox on my sites. I hope that this way of displaying images won't bother anyone. You can test it on following pictures. They show roman sepulchral object Camera sepolcrale de'Liberti e Servi della Famiglia di Augusto which I modelled on given drawings in ArchiCAD using GDL as a semestral project for computer graphics 2. Unfortunately it is VERY historically incorrect, I didn't seek any better data and so it is a compromise of two drawings, I can't be sure about details. Images were rendered in Artlantis, that explains the "quality" of light but also the rendering time, which was alltogether about 30 minutes.

picture picture picture picture picture


A lot of time has passed since buying this domain. Promised progressive changes didn't come true, I had no mood for webdesigning. Finally, this style was created after several unusable thoughts and my homepage is up to date again. I hope this design is more comprehensible and modern than the previous one on the old free-hosting-domain.

I did not take so much care about making it 100% valid as I did with the old website, though it is valid xhtml 1.1 in the end. I've thought one-way reading will make it even more comprehensive, that's why is here just one column and that long-time down scrolling in sections like gallery. Another change in approach occurs in size of files that has to be downloaded when opening the website, but I hope the progress in internet connections makes you not realize it :-) There is also something what I can be ashamed of - I gave up working in php. I just made my sites as simple as possible so I will understand it even after some years of not webdesigning.

Fortunately, those unusable thoughts have brought something - I rendered couple of images showing a kind of my dasti-logo. You can view them clicking on the images below.

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This site should replace my old site during summer. Stay connected to explore progressive changes ;-)

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